Hi. My name is Daniel Sousa.

I'm a Digital Designer with 10+ years of experience. This means I've been working on a full spectrum of projects, from initial web and mobile concepts to full HTML coding, as well as every kind of digital and printed media.

I worked in great IT and media agencies in Brazil such as Grupo Estadão (from brazilian newspaper O Estado De S. Paulo) and Verisoft (web and mobile solutions).

I’m also a Digital Artist, with exhibitions in SESC Campinas and jobs for book, music and movies.

Also, in 2015 I created Cavernna, a t-shirt brand for the alternative fashion public. Cavernna achieved a great success among alternative fashion events such as Mercado Mundo Mix and Babilonia Feira Hype in São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro. Our t-shirts also have been featured in tv shows for some of Brazil’s biggest open TV channel: Rede Globo, SBT and Band.

In this portfolio of selected work you'll find some of the projects I developed solo or in team. I hope some of those will catch your eye.

Key Skills

  • Design and Art Direction for web, mobile and print
  • Focus on responsive/mobile first development
  • Front end development (HTML/CSS, frameworks, CMSs)
  • Experienced with Agile Development methodology

Technical Skills

  • Adobe Photoshop
  • Adobe Illustrator
  • Adobe InDesign
  • SublimeText
  • HTML5/CSS3
  • Bootstrap
  • Wordpress
  • ExpressionEngine
  • CodeIgniter