In 2017 I started to play around with an old passion of mine, video games. Below are a few projects that are either in development or already published.

My goal in gamedev is to be a one-man studio. For that, I'm studying game engines, game design and creating my own assets.

Cthulhu Wings

Mobile (Android) game - Java/LibGDX

Cthulhu Wings is my first solo project in game development. For this first mobile attempt I choose the popular approach of the Flappy Bird style: You have to constantly tap the screen to prevent the player from falling and also avoid obstacles.

As a big fan of H.P. Lovecraft's work of fantasy, the game presents a version of Lovecraft's iconic character, Cthulhu. For the art direction, I opted for a pixel-art style. All the assets (player, background and obstacles) were created using Aseprite.

As for the development, the game was written directly in Java, using the LibGDX library on the Android Studio IDE.

Cthulhu Wings is published on the Google Play platform and you can get it free here

Cult of Cthulhu

(game design & concept art)

Cult of Cthulhu is computer video game in development stage. Based on H.P. Lovecraft's most famous work, a collection of short stories known as the Cthulhu Mythos, CoC is early development stage using the Gamemaker Studio engine.

Cult of Cthulhu is a personal project. I started this project to practice my skills both as game and character developer. These are some of character concepts and also establishes the mood for the game. The roadmap for the game sets the release to mid-2017 through Steam's Greenlight.