Graphic Design

Projects for print and digital media. Advertising, artwork for bands, t-shirt design and more.

GJHOFF Engenharia

(Branding and advertising)

The kind guys at GJHOFF Engenharia, a new Civil Engineering office, asked me to create it's visual identity. They were looking for something modern yet serious.

After a few studies, this is the aproved logo and its application on the business card.

I also designed and developed their website. More info here

I also created a series of magazine advertisement


(T-shirt design)

As the t-shirt designer for Cavernna I develop the collections from scratch.

This is a project that allows me to create freely using all of my inspiration and personal references. However, it takes more than just art to get the t-shirts done.

Much research has been done until I choose the DTG process to apply the original art on the t-shirts. This provides not only a great fidelity to the originals, but also ensures the longevity of the art and an imperceptible touch on the fabric.

For the design, I work with Adobe's Photoshop and Illustrator to continue where the initial drawing stops. I like to play with textures and digital manipulation until I finally get to the point and consider it a cool design for a t-shirt.

Urbana Magazine

(Cover Art for a magazine)

URBANA is a magazine published by FACAMP's Journalism college. FACAMP is a University based in Campinas, São Paulo, Brazil.

I was approached by FACAMP's Design coordinator to create the cover for Urbana #2. The main history was about Mass Consumption and its psychlogical issues.

This is one of the rare cases I did all of the job using a 3D modelling environment, Autodesk's 3DS Max 2008.

Los Peppes

(Logo redesign)

Los Peppes are a classic rock band from São Paulo - Brazil. On stage since 2014, the band is about to start recording it's debut album. This called for a redesign on they communication assets including a new logo, which I gladly accepted to do.

Also, I'm on a preliminary study for the artwork and inner content for the debut album release.

3 Pics 4 Dating

(Character Design)

In addition to developing landing pages for 3P4D, I also created some characters for an animated promotional video.

Starting from a digital sketch, the vectors for the characters were animated in Adobe Flash.

3S Projetos


3S Projetos is a cultural factory based in Campinas, Brazil. During my work there as Digital Designer I created several presentations for cultural projects such as theater, music and art exhibitions.