Most of my illustrations are made digitally, but I never go outside my house without pen and paper.

Be it for leisure or a commisioned job, here's a few of those.

Also, you can buy some fine Wall Art with my illustrations at Curioos. Here's the link for my personal shop there:

O Bar do Pântano (The Swamp Pub)

(Independent comic book)

O Bar do Pântano (Portuguese for The Swamp Pub) is a comic book project I started in November 2017. A short story about a recently deceased man that awakes in a pub in the Ninth Circle of Hell.

I'm doing this book on the traditional ink over pencil way, while the colors are digitally painted using Photoshop.

My plans are to get the whole comic book done by April 2018, both online and print. Scripts by Felipe Tazzo.

O Homem do Espaço (The Space Man)

(Independent comic book)

The Space Man is an experimental comic book based on a short story I wrote back in 2005. It portraits an astronaut on a mission to the Moon while facing existential issues.

As the book is entirely created using Adobe Photoshop and a Wacom graphic tablet, I saw the chance to experiment a few different techniques, as using the negative space to build the visual narrative. Since the plot's main aspect turns around the relationship of the open space and the character's relationship (or the lack of it) with Earth's society as a whole, a white on black (opposed to the traditional black on white) art style showed up as a nice art direction for this comic book.

The book is scheduled to get printed by Feb/Apr 2018 in the standard american comic book format, but I'm also considering printing it in the A3 format as a special print as well.

Contos Surreais

(Book illustrations)

Contos Surreais is a collection of short stories written by Aquiles Lins. The book features 24 illustrations I created for the book, including the cover.

Contos Surreais is expected to be published in late 2016.

All the art featured in the book was created digitally. The challenge was to give it a paper collage feel, and I was very satisfied with the result.

Sr. Macaco


Sr. Macaco is a brazilian psychodelic rock'n roll band. As the designer in charge of the band's graphic assets, I've designed it's logo and identity, posters, flyers and social media pieces. I'm currently working on the cover and booklet. Expect new material here soon!

Some of the fine tunes for your amusement:

Sr. Macaco's Soundcloud page



Bernie is a harcore band based in São Paulo - Brazil. For their debut CD, Mundo Imundo, I was commisioned to create an artwork that reflected their musicality and political views.

Techiniques includes digital drawing, texturization and painting, collage and digital manipulation.


(Poster art)

SERPENTE is a theatrical presentation by brazilian director Marcelo Masselani.

For the premiere poster I drew inspiration from Laocoön, one of the classic pieces of Spanish Renaissance's master El Greco.

Techiniques includes drawing, digital manipulation and collage.


Father of the cosmic horror literature, the works of H. P. Lovecraft keep coming back whenever I'm randomly sketching.

This series portraits some of the classic characters from Lovecraftian mythology.

Book Covers

(Personal Project)

Being a big fan of science fiction and fantastic literature I started a personal project: To create my own versions of book covers. Here’s some of the pieces I did back in 2011.

In 2012 this project caught the attention of SENAC Campinas and I was comissioned to do a 4-piece, big-sized exhibition.

Undisclosed Movie Project

(Mood Look)

In 2010 I was approached by a young movie director based in London to create a few images so he could pitch his project.

Classic Jokes

(Character Design)

A set of characters developed for a daily jokes MMS service.

Assorted Illustrations

(Random studies, personal projects and sketches)

Between projects there's always lots of sketches. Never leave your place without pen & paper.