My work for web encompasses both the design and the implementation process. The projects below represents a piece of my work.

You'll find projects that I created from scratch as well as coding from someone else's design. This includes not only taking benefit of agile frameworks like Bootstrap when needed but also customizing CMS templates like Wordpress and Magento.

Curta Condominio

Mobile App Landing Page

Curta Condominio is a mobile app targeted at condominium communication.

Developed with the Bootstrap 3 framework for a quick and effective mobile first approach.


Helô Cardoso

Portfolio - HTML/CSS - Bootstrap - ExpressionEngine

Helô Cardoso is multi-talented artist with more than 30 years of experience in costume design, mask design, cenography and illustration. From mainstream, high budget projects to alternative, intimate performances, her name is synonym of excelence. So it was a great honor to me when she asked me if I could help her with her online portfolio.

While my main goal was to respect her vision, I also had to keep the design clean and accesible. On the technical side, it had to be a CMS so she could update the portfolio by her self.

My choices for this project included the Bootstrap framework for a mobile-first approach. I also decided to give the ExpressionEngine CMS a try and it proved to be a great experience. This CMS gave me a level of freedom to translate the design to a fully functional Content Management System that I haven't found in more popular CMS until today.


GJHOFF Engenharia

Wordpress-based website

GJHOFF Engenharia, a Civil Engineering company, contacted me to develop their new website since I designed their logo a few weeks before. The choice for a CMS was clear, as the client will update the content on a regular basis.

This project involved wordpress customization, specially on the lower resolution breakpoints.


Tio Bonato

A quick coding case - HTML/CSS - Bootstrap

Tio Bonato is a new line of cleaning products for the brazilian market. The kind people from GNT Criativa needed someone to set the webpage for Tio Bonato in 5 days. The layout was already done but they were missing a web designer to code it. Quite a challenge since there’s a lot of inner pages with variations on the main concept. But there’s nothing like a good challenge to put your skills on test.

I decided to go with the Bootstrap 3 framework in this case for its great handling on responsive layouts. Both the agency and the client were more than happy with the result.



Customized e-commerce template

Cavernna is a t-shirt brand I created in 2015.

For the e-commerce I customized the core system offered by www.iluria.com.br so it could reflect the brand's identity. This includes adapting the PHP and a heavy work with the CSS files.


Curso de Bolso

Front end

Curso de Bolso is an e-learning mobile platform. Aside from the UI for the mobile app, wich I also took a part, my main role was to work on front end for the landing page.



Customized Magento template

In 2010 the store decided to go Magento and I was comissioned to take on an early concept and develop it into a full layout.

Also it was my task to customize the vanilla Magento theme to apply the layout. A heavy CSS task, as Magento is known for its complexity. Not for the faint of heart.


Claro Leitura

Mobile and Web UI/UX

Claro Leitura was a mobile app for a vast e-book and magazine library subscription created in partnership with Claro and Abril. Both are the most representative companies of its market in Brazil (telecom and publishing, respectively). Although the main focus was the mobile app, the user could also browse the collection and read the content on the web platform.

I took many roles on this project, including:

  • UI/UX Design for the app
  • Develop the web platform's UI and its HTML coding.
  • Create a standard layout for the incoming articles from Abril's huge catalog of magazine titles. This included several online meetings with Abril's design team to make sure the content delivered to the user was compliant with the company's visual identity and quality standards. The result was a backoffice that parses the content submited by Abril and converts it into the formated HTML. I also took part in developing this backoffice's UI.

Since then the platform has changed a lot, including the decision to split the app in 2, one for e-books and other for Abril's magazines. This happened after I left the project. Nonetheless I am happy to have been part of this great project and have helped it to get where it stands today.